The Story of The Hidden Ties of The Continental! Unraveling the Wick Family Web!Winston, Frankie, Yen, Hiroyuk and John Wick

M. Pajuhaan
3 min readSep 24, 2023


The world of John Wick is a complex tapestry of assassins, allegiances, and age-old secrets. With the release of the new series, “The Continental,” I have been treated to a deeper dive into the intricate underworld that John Wick inhabits. And while the first episode 24.Sep 2024 has only just premiered, there are already tantalizing hints and theories swirling about the connections between the characters.

The story begins with two brothers: Winston and Frankie. While Winston is a name familiar to fans of the John Wick series, Frankie is a new addition. A killer, much like John, Frankie’s life is tragically cut short in the very first episode. This might lead some to believe that the story arc concerning John Wick has reached its conclusion. But, as with all things in this universe, there’s always more beneath the surface.


Frankie’s death is not the end; it’s merely the beginning. Enter Yen, Frankie’s enigmatic wife. Her presence in the series promises to add another layer of intrigue. But what could possibly connect her to the larger narrative?

The questions don’t stop there. I will recall Shimazu Koji, the dedicated manager of the Osaka Continental. His sacrifice for John in the fourth installment of the movie series left many puzzled. Why would he lay down his life for the legendary assassin?

Similarly, Winston’s repeated sacrifices for John Wick throughout the series have raised eyebrows. What could possibly motivate such loyalty?

The answer, as it turns out, is family.

In a shocking revelation, it’s theorized that John Wick is, in fact, the son of Frankie and Yen. This means that the ties that bind him to the world of “The Continental” are far more personal than anyone could have imagined! “IT’S ABOUT FAMILY”. Shimazu Koji, it seems, is Yen’s brother, making him John’s uncle. And Winston? He’s not just a friend or an ally; he’s family. John’s uncle, to be precise.

This revelation casts the entire John Wick series in a new light. The bonds of family, often a central theme in the movies, take on even greater significance. Every sacrifice, every alliance, and every betrayal is now seen through the lens of a family trying to protect its own.

It’s a testament to the depth and richness of the John Wick universe that even now, after so many movies and episodes, there are still secrets to uncover and stories to tell. As “The Continental” continues, fans can look forward to delving even deeper into the relationships and rivalries that define this world.

So, the next time you watch John Wick in action, remember: it’s not just about the bullets and the battles. It’s about a man trying to find his place in a world where the lines between family and foe are often blurred. And as “The Continental” has shown, those lines are more tangled than we ever imagined.



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