The Open-Source Storefront to Challenge Shopify

M. Pajuhaan
3 min readDec 5, 2023


As the co-founder of Selldone and a developer of our flagship project, the Selldone storefront, I’ve embarked on a journey that intertwines technological innovation with the art of storytelling in the realm of ecommerce. This venture, much like the endeavors of great innovators I admire, is driven by a vision to revolutionize how businesses present themselves in the digital marketplace.

A Vision for Uniqueness

Uniqueness is not just a luxury but a necessity. Each business has its own narrative, a distinct ethos that sets it apart. Traditional ecommerce solutions, confined within the bounds of templates and pre-defined designs, often fail to capture this uniqueness. Recognizing this gap, Selldone emerged not just as a solution but as a movement. We champion the idea that every business, regardless of its size, deserves to showcase its unique identity without barriers.

The LAYOUT Revolution

At the heart of our project lies the innovative concept of LAYOUT. Rejecting the unstable, costly, and often restrictive traditional templates and plugins, LAYOUT is a paradigm shift. It's a fully independent web application, seamlessly operational within the Selldone ecosystem, designed for complete customization and open-source flexibility. This approach is our answer to the one-size-fits-all dilemma, allowing businesses to tailor their digital presence to their unique brand story.

Empowering Development

Embarking on the development of the Selldone storefront, I focused on creating a process that is accessible and empowering. The setup involves a straightforward cloning of the project, installation of necessary packages, and an intuitive development start. This user-friendly approach opens doors for many, demystifying the process of web development and inviting more creators into the fold.


Storefront — Product page

Deployment and Developer Empowerment

Deployment, streamlined through the Selldone-CLI, reflects our commitment to efficiency and developer support. The accompanying developer panel is a testament to our continuous support, ensuring that every step of the journey is guided and manageable.


Selldone CLI

Monetization: A New Frontier

Innovation in our project extends to monetization as well. Developers, harnessing the power of Selldone, can craft and publish diverse storefronts, tapping into various business verticals. This model, blending creativity with economic opportunity, empowers developers to become architects of their financial destiny in the digital marketplace.

A Comprehensive Toolkit

Our suite of modules and backoffice support is designed to offer a holistic ecommerce experience. From storefront interfaces to vendor integration and backoffice management, we provide the tools for comprehensive control and customization.

Back office — Manage & Analytics
Back office — Products management

Ethical Innovation: Licensing

In line with the ethos of responsible and ethical innovation, our licensing agreement is meticulously crafted. It ensures that the usage, distribution, and modification of our code align with our vision of empowering businesses within the Selldone ecosystem.

As I reflect on this journey, I see it as a tapestry of technology, innovation, and human-centric design. The Selldone storefront project is more than a platform; it’s a narrative of empowerment, a story where every business can truly be itself in the digital world. Like the great innovators before us, we are not just building a product; we are crafting a new chapter in the story of ecommerce.



M. Pajuhaan

Design is my passion and expertise. I am an engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. Currently my focus is on designing businesses based on AI and robotics.